Alexander Girard Print (Original)
Alexander Girard Print (Reconstruction)
This design challenge shows my attention to detail in design. We were tasked with reconstructed every piece of Alexander Girard's original piece, and I believe that I mastered this design challenge. The most important part in this challenge was reconstructing this piece with as much detail and as close to the original as possible. This was done by using the pen tool and carefully outlining each piece exactly like the original. 
Earth Day Banner
For this design challenge, I was tasked with creating an outdoor banner for my selected holiday, which in this case was Earth Day. Throughout the month, multiple posters were created with all of these elements separately being showcased. For the final banner, all elements were combined into one design which created the banner above. This incorporated the use of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
Lucky Dog Rescue Orlando Video
The Lucky Dog Rescue Orlando advertisement that I created is a great example of combining design elements with advertising copy into an advertisement that is both informative and engaging to the viewer. Creating effective ad copy can keep the viewer engaged while also informing them on the important issues or topics being discussed. This video was made using Adobe Premiere and Audition.
Earth Day Sonic Branding
This design challenge was all about sonic branding. The Earth Day poster was accompanied by a short sound clip that audibly expresses the feelings and emotions of the poster. Sounds such as birds, waves, and underwater life are all present to represent the idea of Earth Day and what it is all about.
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